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World of Warplanes open beta to begin July 2; will introduce unified Wargaming accounts


Wargaming are at E3 this week! Their announcements are particularly exciting, because you never know which game they’re talking about until the very last syllable. World of Warplanes will enter open beta on July 2, by which time Wargaming will have implemented a host of new features currently missing from the invitation-only version: in-game tactical tips, a tutorial, crews and crew skills, two new maps, and (possibly less excitingly) consumables and premium ammo.

What’s more, the free-to-play fly-a-thon will see premium accounts made transferable across all of Wargaming’s catalogue.

‘Wargaming’s catalogue’ currently means ‘World of Tanks’, but the idea is that accounts will be shared across all three World ofs in development: Tanks, Warships and Warplanes. Premium accounts in Warplanes will eventually be paid-for using credits, but will be redeemable for in-game tokens during the first stage of open beta.

Players with closed beta accounts will see their accumulated experience turned into in-game tokens, allowing them to get a headstart in purchasing gear in July.

“All of us at Wargaming are extremely excited to launch the open beta testing phase of World of Warplanes,” said Andrew Yarantsau, Wargaming’s vice president of global publishing. “Closed beta was a tremendous success and we’ve implemented a great deal of player feedback into the game.”

World of Warplanes takes US, Soviet, German and Japanese aircraft from the late 1930s to the beginning of the Korean War and pits them against each other in 15v15 matches. Does that sound like your sort of thing?