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World of Warships makes a splash, and then another, and another, in its new trailer

World of Warships

What do we want? World of Warships! When do want it? Q4 2013 would be nice, if a tad unrealistic! What does it look like? Not really sure! How will we know it when we see it, then? Hum. These are all very good questions. Let me jot them down in my Thoughts Journal, and then we’ll sift through this new CG trailer together for pointers.

The below video is a nice slice of big gun fetishism that won’t tell you much about how the game plays, but plenty about the priorities of the people making it. They like hurling water about, do Wargaming – the more tumultuous the waves, the better:

I guess we’ll know the game formerly titled World of Battleships by the torpedoes that jostle for space just beneath its surface, then. Did you spot any other notables while we were in there?

Only this morning, Wargaming were heard pledging to turn their backs on pay-to-win, which bodes well for this new tub.