Bear’s Brew: Win a treasure trove of Mists of Pandaria gear

Mists of Pandaria

The coast of Pandaria is in sight, and the good ship PCGamesN is laden with a cargo of prizes that leave us travelling at a pitiful rate of knots. Like, one, or two. Whatever’s bad. By my reckoning we’re still five days out, and that won’t do at all.

I asked ship’s mate Julian to conduct an inventory – more to keep him out of the rum than anything – and he came hobbling back far sooner than I’d hoped clutching a well-gnawed plank, on which the following was spelled out in plaque from his own remaining teeth:-

  • A Steel Series World of Warcraft Wireless MMO mouse
  • Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault by Mega Bloks
  • A Brady Games Limited Edition Strategy Guide
  • A Mists of Pandaria Class Crest T-shirt and World of Warcraft hat from Jinx
  • Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition, which includes: behind-the scenes DVD, game sound track, art book, Imperial Quilen flying mount, Lucky Quilen Cub pet, StarCraft II portraits, Diablo III banner, sigil and accent and Chen Stormstout mouse pad.

That lattermost item, the Collector’s Edition, is otherwise unattaniable outside of Monday night’s UK launch event in London.

And the lot can be yours, if you’ll just cross our comments page with a pawfulof your shiniest words. We want you to come up with a name of a beer – an export brew from the shores of Pandaria.

I like the sound of Black Eyed Hooch myself, but the name’s no good to us – we want rid of this pile, after all. So the task falls to you.

Get to it! Fill the comments with better names for the poison that surely awaits us on that fair, furry isle. The best-named brew wins the lot.