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Blizzard offer 50% off World of Warcraft realm transfers all this week


If you’re looking to start a new life, now’s the time. Skip town, change your name, marry a troll and have cruel, tusked children.

The first two parts of that plan currently cost exactly half as much as usual, thanks to a sale on character services in WoW.

The offer ends on Monday, and the following services are included:

  • Character Transfer – Move your character to a different realm
  • Faction Change – Change a character’s faction (from Horde to Alliance, or vice versa)
  • Race Change – Change a character’s race (within the same faction)
  • Appearance Change – Change your character’s appearance (optional Name Change included)
  • Name Change

In short, anything and everything about you but your level and skill set can be switched out in an instant.

To get at any of them, you’ll want to log in to Battle.net account management and follow the steps there. Oh, and best not check the ‘Keep me logged in’ box; leave the wrong ‘friend’ within reach of your laptop and you might wake up on the wrong side of the battlefield with purple skin and a garbled moniker.