Hearthstone promo grants World of Warcraft players wingèd horses


Forgive the grave accent, but I trust you’ll find the occasion warrants it. As reward for an as-yet unknown achievement related to newly-announced Blizzard CCG Hearthstone – most likely purchasing a card pack during the upcoming beta – World of Warcraft players will become the beneficiaries of flying, flaming nags.

A new ‘Hearthstoned’ Feat of Strength found in the WoW database lists a single requirement: “Obtain the Hearthsteed from the Hearthstone promotion.”

Depending on your riding skill and location, the Hearthsteed mount will increase speed on the ground by 60% or 100%. Upon takeoff, flight speed will be upped by 150%, 280% or 310%. However, you’ll need to be at least level 20 to take advantage of its benefits.

“As a thank-you for testing out the in-game store during Hearthstone’s beta phase, everyone who purchased a card pack in the beta test will get a special gift”, said Blizzard in the Hearthstone FAQ a couple of weeks ago.

Might this be that gift?