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Mists of Pandaria sells 2.7 million copies in its first week


To give that number a little context, Cataclysm sold 3.3 million copies on its day of release, so there’s a little bit of a sales drop here. That said, those still gargantuan sales have pushed World of Warcraft’s subscription figures past the ten million mark, which is pretty damn impressive. Blizzard have also been busy making a special Collector’s Edition. Click through to see what it contains.

For the princely sum of £59.99, you’ll get:

  • A 208-page hardback tome called The Art of Mists of Pandaria, featuring never-before-seen artwork from the development process.
  • A DVD and Blu-ray two-disc set with over an hour of developer interviews and commentary on the making of the expansion.
  • A Collector’s Edition soundtrack CD. (CDs! You remember those?)
  • A Chen Stormstout mouse pad.
  • An Imperial Quilen flying mount and Lucky Quilen Cub pet, some StarCraft II Battle.net portraits, and a Diablo III banner sigil and accent.