There’s up to 70% off the price of all World of Warcraft titles


To celebrate the release of World of Warcraft’s 5.2 patch: The Thunder King
expansion, Blizzard have reduced the price of the entire World of
Warcraft catalogue, cutting prices for digital editions by 70%. The
Battle Chest is now just £4, (or €5, about $6.25), while Cataclysm is £6
(€8 or about $9.40) and Mists of Pandaria is £15, €18 or $23.50. Not
bad at all considering that you’d usually pay at least £25 for each of
those expansions. With this deal, you can buy the whole lot for that price.

The expansion has been in public test for several weeks now and you may remember that we poured over the Thunder King patch notes
a little while ago. It’s an enormous expansion with a wealth of new
places to visit, such as the Throne of Thunder, an enormous new citadel with 12 new raid encounters. There’s even dinosaur mounts just waiting to be ridden.

If you want to do some shopping, you can find all these savings here on the Blizzard Store.