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Two tribes go to war: Blizzard detail World of Warcraft 5.1 patch


Less than a month old and Blizzard are already talking about the next step for their youthful Mists of Pandaria expansion. It’s not the average set of gifts you’d expect for a newborn: instead of a nursery, cot, Moomin hot water bottle cover, they’re opening a fight club, improving pet battles, and declaring war on the pandas.

More on this below.

Detailed in Blizzard’sblog post, the Brawler’s Guild is a new addition to Ogrimmar and Stormwind. It lets you play solo PvEbattles against creatures from all over Azeroth. There’s no word on whether this will scale to your level, or is only open to high levelplayers.

The improvements to Pet Battles takes the form of UI changes and “a way to upgrade the rarity of pets that you’ve captured.” That sounds a little like dialing the speedo back on a car to raise its price. What are Blizzard suggesting? Are we going to be able to stick a horn onto a horse and start calling it a unicorn?

But finally, what we all came here for:

Taking the form of daily quests, you’ll be able to raise your reputation amongst the Horde or Alliance expeditionary forces that have set up shop on Pandaria. It sounds a little static at the moment, but hopefully there’ll be further updates in the future.