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MMO ecognomics: Warlords of Draenor trailer flaunts new character model and animations

This gnome is not a Warlord of Draenor. Not yet, at any rate.

Here’s a trailer designed to exclaim three things we already knew: a new Warcraft expansion is happening! It’s called Warlords of Draenor! You’ll suddenly be level 90! 

The main draw for us is a new gnome character model. We’ve already seen the updated female dwarf and modernised female orc - here we get to see how the men are shaping up.

Watch as a level 61 pipsqueak is transformed into, ah, Wario? Yeah, facial records confirm that's Wario:

It’s a bit odd to see Blizzard sell that level 90 boost as the primary feature of Warlords of Draenor. Odd partly because that’s an arbitrary number switch, not a feature; but mostly because Draenor has so much else going on.

Besides the all-updated player models, animations, and emotes, there’s a full new planet in Draenor players will travel to via portal. Once there, they’ll build private, player-owned bases called Garrisons using RTS-like systems, and expand them with new buildings across three tiers.

It’s going to be unlike anything else in WoW - Pandaria’s farm taken to its logical conclusion. Is that the reason you’re going to buy into Warlords of Draenor? Or perhaps you’re not?

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Shriven avatarBelimawr avatar
Shriven Avatar
4 Years ago

For those that dont know. Draenor is Outland before the orcs went a bit mad thanks to that demon blood. So its a much prettier place.

Because....Dimension jump.

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

outland was still draenor after drinking the demon blood, it became outland when ner'zhul defected and started opening portals on draenor to try to find the orcs a new home to escape the grasp of the burning legion. but the energies that came from all the portals tore the planet apart and for his betrayal ner'zhul was turned into a lich and trapped in some ice in the form of armour at icecrown by the burning legion.