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World of Warcraft Cinder Kitten pet raises money for Hurricane Sandy relief


We don’t often do “aaah” stories on PCGamesN. Generally speaking, we’re in the business of “ooo”s, “huh”s and “hooray”s – but we’re willing to make an exception for this flame-furred new addition to the Pet Store.

Cinders will go on sale for $10 at some point before Christmas, with all funds headed for the Red Cross’ Superstorm Sandy Response.

Remember the Cenorian Hatchling last summer? That was a similar effort from Blizzard and Red Cross to raise money for tsunami relief efforts in Japan, and eventually accrued $2 million for the charity.

Bought cosmetic items have been a funny old point of contention in the world of online games these last few years, but I will say this for them – they fit the long-established Poppy Appeal model of charity fundraising very snugly indeed. Will you be wearing a kitten?

Thanks, GamesIndustry.