World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria official boxart revealed


If strangers on the internet are to be trusted – and let’s be honest, they’ve never let us down before – this is the official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria boxart. Leaked by Redditor JimmijTheRustler, the image has been verified to within an inch of its life, with both the barcode and the ESRB rating checking out. Not that there’s anything particularly unbelievable about it, it’s a hat-wearing anthropomorphised panda about to do a trick or a magic spell or something. Also, let’s pause to reflect on how we live in a world where that’s not unbelievable.

The art appears to be a modified version of the aboveconcept art released for Mists of Pandaria earlier in the year. Changes have been made to the Pandaren’spaw, presumably to make it a bit more fierce looking as part of Blizzard’s on-going efforts to make their new race look anything but adorable. He’s also pulled his hat down slightly too, giving him a brooding edge. Poor grumpy panda. Let’s get him some panda treats.

Remember when you looked this adorable, Mister Pandaren? You should count your fluffyblessings.