World of Warcraft patch 5.4 trailer reveals the start of the siege


There aren’t many games that get a full cinematic trailer for a patch, but the fact that patch 5.4 for World of Warcraft has one probably points to the level of excitement you should have for it. It’s more a mini-expansion than a patch, bringing a whole new story to Azeroth, and you can see how it all starts in a kung-fu face-off in the new trailer.

And so with the kicking of that… thing… down the well, the Siege of Orggrimmar starts. You can read what we know of it so far if you head on over this way.

Siege of Orggrimmar will feature Orggrimmar itself, contain fourteen bosses, and a stack of new content including a “Skyrim style” minimap. It will be the last major content pack for Mists of Pandaria.