World of Warcraft patch 5.4 video shows off the Siege of Orgrimmar and other content


While we’ve been getting dribs and drabs of information about World of Warcraft’s incoming 5.4 patch, a new video breaks down all the major content additions we’ll be seeing when it’s released. That includes the new Siege of Orgrimmar raid and also the conclusion of Mists of Pandaria’s legendary quest chain.

The raid sees you take down Garrosh Hellscream. Both Alliance and Horde can dive deep into Ogrimmar’s undercity to take down the Horde’s Warchief, Mists of Pandaria’s final boss. Read Blizzard’s in-depth break down of the raid here.

A new location, the Timeless Isle, will also be added with the patch. Here you’ll find rare monsters, all of which you’ll need to kill if you want to complete Mists of Pandaria’s legendary quest chain.

The patch also brings with it the new flexible raid system. This allows players to form groups of anything between 10 and 25 players to a-raidin’. The dungeon will scale its difficulty to the number of players in the group.

Read all about the new patch here.

Cheers, Polygon.