World of Warcraft patent infringement case goes to trial in 2013


The Worlds Inc patent infringement case against Blizzard has finally received a court date of June 27th 2013. The result of the case will not only effect Blizzard’s game but also that of many other MMO developers.

According to Market WireVirtual Worlds Inc. first filed the suit against Activision Blizzard in March earlier this year, and claims that World of Warcraft infringes on a body of computer architectureIP developed by the company in 1994 to render 3D MMOs.

They also claim that Blizzard wilfully infringed on their IP and so are seeking extra recompense for that.

Should Interactive Worlds Inc. win this case it opens up the possibility of suing any other 3D MMO that infringes on their patents.

We’ll be following this case like, well, something that follows cases. Oh, a bag snatcher. We are the bag snatcher of legal journalists.