World of Warcraft player hits 85 on his “neutral” Pandaren; aims for 90

World of Warcraft Neutral Pandaren

Somewhere in the world of Azeroth is a lone warrior with no allegiance. Doubleagent, a Pandaren Shaman, is on his own quest to reach the games max level without allying with either the Horde or the Alliance. This introduces some pretty harsh limitations to his leveling ability, as he’s never allowed to leave the starting zone. His only way of gaining the gargantuan amounts of experience he now needs to level up is solely by gathering.

Here’s the moment he dinged to level 85:

His only way of gaining experience is from gathering professions: namely mining and herbalism. He’s ran out of quests to do on the starter island – named the Wandering Isle – and is also locked out of the dungeon finder. It’s impressive without a doubt, but why would someone be dedicated to such a tedious achievement?

“Mostly to prove a point, that you can do anything if you are set out to do it” said NeutralAgent. “One of my friends told me I couldn’t go to level cap as a neutral, and because of that mostly… I’m still at it. I do have a job, work 5 or 6 days a week for 8 hour shifts, I live within a minute walking distance from my place of work, which makes transit to and from work pretty much non-existent.”

He plans to reach the current end-game level cap, but that it would roughly take him “4 months to 90”. If that’s not enough, the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will set that goal to level 100. NeturalAgent keeps a video log of all his leveling events over on his Youtube channel, and you can check out his last AmA here.