World of Warcraft PvP Season 12 ends March 5th


The twelfth(!) season of Arena and Rated Battleground pugilism in WoW will come to a close two Tuesdays from now. Conquest Point garnered over the course of the season will be converted into Honor Points, and the dev team will tot up blood in pints and determine who is deserving of prizes, a process that will last about another week.

Any Honor Points gained above a minimum of 4000 will be converted to gold at a rate of 35 silver per point, while the Honor cap will sit at another 4000 points above that.

Season 12 items will still be available to buy at Honor Point costs equivalent to their previous Conquest Point prices when the season ends – though those with rating requirements attached will disappear from stores, so consider the coming two weeks your last opportunity to plunder them.

“It’s very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Malevolent Gladiator’s Cloud Serpent to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 12 ends,” warn Blizzard. The awarding of season 12 titles will occur about two weeks after its end, so you might consider it best to wait til then before skipping town.

Team and Personal ratings will be reset for the next Battleground season, which starts a week later.

Season 12 was the first to feature monks, and saw the introduction of the Tol’vir Proving Grounds arena map and two new battlegrounds – the Silvershard Mines and the Temple of Kotmogu – alongside Mists of Pandaria.

All ye level 90 types, fill us in – how has WoW PvP benefitted from the new expansion?