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World of Warcraft server transfers made free for the most crowded realms


World of Warcraft is just too damn popular, despite reports to the contrary. To battle the problems brought on by this popularity, Blizzard are offering free server transfers from the most rammed of their realms to other, quieter shards of Azeroth. Are you one of the lucky relocators? Check this list to find out:

According to Blizzard’s blog postthese are the servers:

Frostmourne – Oceanic PvP >Gundrak – Oceanic PvP
Illidan – Central PvP >Mug’thol – Central PvP
Kil’jaeden -PacificPvP >Frostwolf -Pacific PvP
Stormrage -Eastern PvE >Trollbane -Eastern PvE

(If you’re in the server on the left you allowed to move to the server on the right.)

This offer is only available till 31October, mind.