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World of Warcraft Snowfight is Blizzard’s first children’s book


Announced earlier today at San Diego Comic-Con, Blizzard are scribing a children’s book set in the Warcraft universe. Written by senior VP of story Chris Metzen and with art supplied by Blizzard artist Wei Wang, the book’s to be created entirely in-house by the people who know the game best.

Metzen told Polygon that the idea for the books was inspired by his own kid’s interest in the game world their father is so involved with. Plus, the smaller scale of the project makes a change from the heavy tomes of lore the team usually work on.

The book’s due to be finished at released at BlizzCon later this year.

It’s cool that Blizzard are providing a tool for parents to indoctrinate their children into their hobby like this, I know many a parent will be glad to bring their child into line with their obsession via the medium of coloured pictures and sinple wording.

Cheers, Wired.