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World of Warcraft WOWkemon mod makes pet battles look like Pokemon


Back in the pre-Mists of time, a thing called ‘pet battles’ was announced for the next World of Warcraft expansion, and it became immediately clear to everyone what was going on. Blizzard were fans of Pokemon, and had finally realised that the best way to get away with playing it at work was to stick it in their own game.

Well, WOWkemon takes that thought, stuffs it into a small, primary-coloured capsule and runs with it all the way to Lavender Town.

To install, you’ll need to download this zip file and extract the contents into your Addons folder, found under ‘Interface’ in your WoW directory.

Upon starting your first pet battle with WOWkemon installed, you’ll enter a tutorial with Professor Birch. It’ll quickly become apparent that modder Nyctrennis has remoulded WoW’s engine to resemble as closely as possible the handheld, turn-based JRPG we’re all so familiar with.

The detail extends all the way down the UI, which now features pet selection and bag screens in (until now) inimitable Game Freak style.

Go on. Have a play around with it, and let us know how you get on.