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World of Warcraft’s Mobile Armory has reportedly been hacked


WoW’s mobile companion app — which gives players remote access to the game’s auction house while they’re out shopping and hang-gliding and going on rollercoasters — has been hacked, according to a report by WoW Insider. Users of the Mobile Armory are reporting vast sums of their private gold reserves are being spent on artifically over-priced junk items in the auction house, a known method of laundering illegitimately acquired gold to the players receiving the currency.

Reports of gold leaking out of the Mobile Armory are arriving from both the US and EU forums, prompting Blizzard to remove the Mobile Auction House from service until further notice. Players have reported losing hundreds of thousands of gold through the mobile exploit, despite having secured their accounts with Blizzard Authenticators.

At the time of writing, the Mobile Auction House remains shuttered until further notice.