WoW: Mists of Pandaria sees its first level 90s appear


We Europeans rarely get a thing first. But when we do, we grab that thing and run with it all the way to level 90. As it turns out, Mists of Pandaria’s European servers launched nine hours before their US equivalents, and that’s where players are now starting to hit the new level cap.

The first call came from Nightelf Druid Fs, who reportedly splayed headfirst into the glass ceiling of level 90 only four hours after launch.

Sound suspicious? Blizzard thought so too. Fs, along with numerous others who followed in her wake, has been reset to level 87 as the developer scrambles to deal with a wave of new exploits.

The likely culprit is an elite crab mob in the Townlong Steppes, which has no respawn timer and reportedly falls rather quickly to groups of two or three.

Nevertheless, more recent, seemingly legitimate reports of level 90s are now starting to crop up across European realms.

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