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WWE 2K15 will mark wrestling’s debut on PC


One of 2K’s biggest franchises is WWE, the sport where burly men in leotards throw each other around a square with increasingly elaborate punches. It’s been notably absent from the PC, with games coming out on pretty much every platform but the computer. That stops now though, as WWE 2K15, the most recent game to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, is coming to PC to break that tradition. Presumably in the same manner a wrestler breaks a man’s nose. Or arm. 

The PC version of WWE 2K15 is the same in every detail as the console versions, including the MyCareer and 2K Showcase modes. It also ships with all the game’s DLC for free, making it one of those ‘ultimate’ editions.

“That’s an incredible amount of content: 36 extra characters, 4 new managers, 26 matches, 46 entire single player stories and cut scenes in 2K Showcase, and a whole lot more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s a pretty awesome deal,” said John Cena, who I’m led to believe is pretty big in the wrestling world.

Launch day purchases also bag two new versions of Sting and Hulk Hogan. I hope that one version sees Hulk dressed in his casuals in homage to the critically lauded reality TV super show ‘Hogan Knows Best’.

At current there’s no pricing or release date, but expect it sometime within the foreseeable future.

Thanks, VG247.