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WWE 2K16 flexes its customisation options in this new MyCareer trailer

WWE 2K16 MyCareer trailer

Either no one told this poor WWE 2K16 trailer and its featured developers that we reached the summit of Peak Beard well over a year ago, or they simply don’t care. It’s not the sort of thing I’d bring up with them in person, of course, because a) there’s a lot of interesting MyCareer-related information to discuss in light of this new trailer, and b) wrestlers aren’t really people. 

Not these wrestlers, anyway. They’re merely figments of your imagination, given unnatural polygonal life through the vile alchemy of WWE 2K16’s long form mode, MyCareer. The series has always boasted a preposterously detailed wrestler creation mode, which has lead to some deeply unsettling results, including Fraser’s own Baby-Faced Baby Man in WWE 2K15. In this year’s fresh instalment though, you’ll start as a top rookie in NXT and either work your way up to the top and remain a big fish in a small pond, or go for the WWE big time in the hopes of one day reaching the hall of fame.

2K16 also introduces post-match interviews with Renee Young, in which you’re free to spout meaningless alpha nonsense or be respectful towards your opponents, as the mood takes you. The trailer hints at a roster-wide reputation system in which every Superstar has a different opinion of you based on your responses to Renee, leading to rivalries and alliances that keep the whole soap opera of machismo ticking over. The Authority will play a bigger part in this year’s MyCareer mode too, apparently.

Co-developers Visual Concepts (working with Yuke’s on WWE) also created NBA 2K’s MyCareer, aka The Best Mode in a Sports Game Ever, Ever. Seriously, it’s clear miles ahead of anything anyone else is doing in the genre. WWE 2K’s version certainly bears that influence, but it doesn’t look quite on the same par. For context: NBA 2K16’s career mode is being directed by Spike Lee.