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WWE 2k17 comes to PC on February 7 so you can distract yourself from Reigns’ title run

WWE2k17 PC

As has become tradition, we’re getting this year’s WWE game a little late over on PC, but we also get to have mods, so it’s worth it. WWE 2k17 will arrive on February 7, just after the Royal Rumble leaves you once against positive that Wrestlemania can’t possibly be good, and just before Wrestlemania proves to be really good.

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Point is, there’s three bits on offer:

  • The standard edition, going for $49.99/£39.99/€49.99 with a 10% pre-order discount. Comes with the Goldberg Pack DLC.
  • The deluxe edition at $74.99/£60.99/€74.99 with a 15% pre-order discount, which includes the season pass.
  • The season pass by itself for $29.99/£24.99/€29.99. It includes:
    • MyPlayer Kickstart
    • Accelerator
    • NXT Enhancement Pack
    • Legends Pack
    • New Moves Pack
    • Future Stars Pack
    • Hall of Fame Showcase (not yet released)
    • All the details on these are listed on 2K’s site.

You can grab it on Steam or via 2K’s own store. It’s the series’ largest roster ever, though they still haven’t got around to upgrading the graphics engine. It now feels like something of a game asking how long it can last.