An Xbox Game Pass family plan is reportedly incoming

An Xbox Game Pass family plan, which would allow up to five people to get much cheaper access to Game Pass, is reportedly coming soon

Xbox Game Pass family plan: Halo's Master Chief

An Xbox Game Pass family plan is coming, potentially sometime this year, according to a new report. The plan would allow as many as five individual Microsoft accounts to make use of Xbox Game Pass, at a rate “far cheaper” than purchasing those subscriptions separately.

“According to trusted sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts,” Jez Corden at Windows Central writes, “we can now confirm that Xbox is moving ahead with an Xbox Game Pass family plan, which could be set to launch sometime this year.” According to the report, the Xbox Game Pass family plan would allow up to five players to use the service for a single subscription price that would be “far cheaper than paying for five separate XGP accounts”.

There are plenty of unknowns, however. There’s no word on price (other than it being cheaper than separate accounts), and there’s no information yet on which tiers of Game Pass this deal would apply to – we don’t know if there will be an option for a PC Game Pass family plan, for example

Of course, there are already ways of sharing an Xbox Game Pass subscription, even on PC. The primary account holder on an Xbox console can share all their games, including Game Pass titles, with other users on that machine, and there’s a similar process on PC. Whether Microsoft changes that remains to be seen, and this would certainly make it much easier to share subscriptions across multiple devices.

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