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Microsoft subscription service Xbox Game Pass won’t be available on PC


Some publications have been reporting that Xbox Game Pass, a new, Netflix-style subscription service for games, was coming to to PC. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

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Obviously people haven’t just been pulling this info out of their backsides. The original Xbox Game Pass FAQ said, “Xbox Game Pass will only be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.” There’s a cached version at that link.

It’s since been edited to say the service is now available for Xbox One only. Still, in the small-print at the bottom of the page, it says,” Xbox Game Pass is an Xbox One, Xbox Play Anywhere and Xbox 360 backward compatibility game subscription for Xbox One.”

Play Anywhere is the name of the service offered by Microsoft where you get a game on PC or Xbox One and you get access to it on the other machine.

Because of this confusion, we reached out to Microsoft for comment. “The Xbox One and PC icons appear on the Xbox Game Pass description page because you can redeem on console, web and PC, however, Xbox Game Pass is only available on Xbox One consoles,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

It’s a shame, as the $10 a month rental service seems like decent value. With Microsoft intent on blurring the lines between console and PC, I wouldn’t rule it out altogether, though – perhaps it will find its way on PC eventually.

Xbox Game Pass launches on Xbox One in spring.