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Xbox One for all: Massive Chalice is still coming to the PC on time

This here is some Massive Chalice concept art used in its Kickstarter campaign. Lovely.

Double Fine’s really big cup of turn-based tactics turned up on Microsoft’s stage at E3, where the two were declared married by Phil Spencer, with a thousand baying games journalists as their witness.

But it’s a complicated, open relationship – one which prohibits cavorting with Sony, but does nothing to affect the PC’s blossoming love affair with Massive Chalice.

On the day of the conference, in a post to backers we totally missed, Double Fine were quick to reassure: Massive Chalice isn’t so exclusive to Xbox One that it’s not coming to PC.

“Nothing has changed with our plans to bring Massive Chalice to the PC and to make it available for our backers first,” wrote lead designer Brad Muir – a man with a perma-grin plastered across his face accurately captured in the 😀 emoticon. “YEAH!”

At the same time, Brad and team will be porting the game to the Xbox One. But at no point will they cease work on the PC version in favour of its console counterpart.

That all sound good to you?

Cheers, Gamespot.