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XCOM 2 is a thing: exclusive to PC and launching in November

XCOM 2 Reveal

After much teasing, 2K Games and Firaxis have dropped the curtain behind XCOM 2. A direct sequel to the rather good XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it puts players in a world completely controlled by aliens. As well as additional soldier customization, the game will include procedurally-generated levels to mix things up a bit.

But the best news is that Firaxis want XCOM 2 to provide “much deeper” modding support from the get go.

IGN were first to break the news - check out their reveal trailer below.

The future is pretty bleak. Earth is controlled by the alien Advent government, but humans still fight the good fight in the form of a small guerrilla force.

The sequel will bring with it more options when it comes to customising your soldiers, as well as more randomised variants of levels thanks to nifty procedurally-generated technology. But what has me most excited is what Firaxis has to say about modding support. 

“Create custom mods.” states the official website. “Community-focused tools allow you to create your own campaign, tactical gameplay, aliens, classes, strategy game features, and share within the Steam Workshop.”

That’s a lot of stuff that the infinitely brilliant minded modding community can tamper with.

XCOM 2 is scheduled to launch in November 2015. Stay tuned for a gameplay demo at this year’s E3.

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Runeclaw69 avatarHazySarkany avatarEmpyre avatarDog Pants avatarTovias avatarMrAptronym avatar
Runeclaw69 Avatar
Runeclaw69(1 day 22 hours played)
2 Years ago

I am very happy to see this. XCOM is a great game, so will be fun to return to the war once more.

Empyre Avatar
Empyre(5 days 14 hours played)
2 Years ago

This is great! Looks like they are throwing more money into it aswell!

HazySarkany Avatar
HazySarkany(6 days 22 hours played)
2 Years ago

Snakemen. I hate snakemen.

Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(2 days 13 hours played)
2 Years ago

Well the cinematic does nothing for me, but I'm a big fan of XCOM so if the game doesn't deviate too much then I can live with the setting.

Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

Here is hoping armor and weapon don't look so cartoony

MrAptronym Avatar
MrAptronym(13 hours played)
2 Years ago

Their last incarnation was my favorite game of 2012, and I have sunk many, many hours into it. If they can recapture that with some refinements? I am not sure I'll need any other games until Fallout 4 hits.


Procedural maps are a big deal, Once you figured out the limited layouts, things got a bit too easy. More soldier customization is big for me, as I eat that stuff up. I think even Firaxis must have been surprised at how much people cared about their soldiers. If they can see what modders have done and incorporate some of the best ideas people have had then they will have another classic.


The trailer has me interested, I am happy for the change of pace, the Enemy Within was always best when you were on the defensive. That soldier breaking out his hanzo steel is silly as heck but I totally love it.