XCOM 2 mod lets you turn your soldiers into Stormtroopers courtesy of fancy helmets


Do you like XCOM 2? Are you partial to the odd Galaxy, Far, Far Away? Wonderful. Then you’ll no doubt be semi-interested in this new Star Wars mod for Firaxis’ exceptional, deeply tactical E.T. exterminating sim. If you’ve ever dreamt of making your soldiers look like Stormtroopers, then boy are you in for a Force-tinged treat. 

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Thanks to the enterprising work of Steam user Platoon, you can now plaster select Star Wars-themed helmets over your favourite puny humans’ heads. These spiffing mods cover both the original trilogy’s take on the Stormtrooper design, and the First Order version seen in The Force Awakens.

If you’re feeling in the mood for something a little more subversive, you may be interested in the Republic Commando, Tie Fighter, Flametrooper or Clone Trooper Phase 1 helmets. Platoon is actually tinkering on a new version of that first piece of headgear, though he suggests it won’t be ready any time soon. He’s also working away on improving textures for the helmets, and even hopes to introduce the Star Wars Armor mod into XCOM 2. Let me play as a fully skinned Admiral Ackbar and I’ll love you forever, Platoon.

To ensure all of the helmets above don’t stick out like Jar Jar Binks at a meeting of the Galactic Senate, Platoon has included colour and camo customisation options so the necks of your troops blend in with their shiny new Star Wars head garments. For those who don’t own XCOM 2’s Reinforcement Pack – which costs £15.99 and provides extensive soldier customisation – the mod also offers the ‘Invisible’ face paint option. Handy.

Pssst. Just so you know, I HATED The Force Awakens. Of course, I’m a dude who also likes the prequels…