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XCOM 2 reveals a new enemy that can fire acid streams, mankind officially screwed

Move over Muton and Berserker, there's a another new alien abomination headed to terrorise mankind in 2K's upcoming turn-based strategy. Meet the Andromedon: a horrifying hybrid that combines squishy organic parts with cold, pitiless machinery. No fair, XCOM 2.

With the impending arrival of Andromedon, humanity is essentially doomed. Make the most of your final months by checking out the best PC games of 2015.

Alright, perhaps horrifying was over-egging things a tad. The recently revealed enemy (first shown off on XCOM 2's official site) may pack one hell of a whollop, but there's a faint, campy whiff of "Danger, Will Robinson!" about the Andromedon's design.

Though it may look like a Lost in Space cast-off, it at least comes with a battlesuit that can lay a serious smackdown on Earth's best soldiers. The intergalactic dastard's hefty melee attacks are backed up by a fancypants internal coolant system, which allows Andromedon to hurl streams of acid at its foes.

Apparently, this crime against science and nature is also immune to poison, fire and acid. So yeah, it seems like mankind is pretty much screwed when XCOM 2 hits on February 5th. Hey, you can't say we didn't have a good run.

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Silentius Avatar
Silentius(15 days 22 hours played)
2 Years ago

I love the way Firaxis have tinkered with the traditional alien roster for XCOM 2. So far, all their reveals seem suitably new and different, whilst still preserving the spirit of the franchise.

Xerkics Avatar
2 Years ago

They better kept the mech suits for humans if they are to survive all those dastardly beasties.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I could see this as a future for us, funnily enough, but we'd be to blame. Couple that our diplomats tend to be extraverts with how very naturally xenophobic and how afraid/hateful our species is of anything unlike us. We'd offend them by trying to shake their hands (which may not exist), or pat their backs (which may not exist), and as they make a latch ditch attempt at a peace mission, our military shoots them out of the sky!

That's why I don't find scenarios like XCom very convincing. In fact, scenarios like XCom kind of prove the point about how we're terrified, angry little babies. I don't begrudge people for liking this sort of thing, but it plays on the old mind a bit when everything is like this and peaceful diplomacy/exploration games don't exist.

Ermahgerd, it has a slightly differently shaped head, kill it!

That said, the XCom games are really rather good.