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XCOM 2’s Dark Events makes things more challenging for humanity

XCOM 2 Dark Events

Firaxis have detailed a new feature for XCOM 2: Dark Events. A series of counter-operations undertaken by alien sympathisers Advent, they spring into action as you begin to reclaim territory for humanity. Each Dark Event operation adds a random modifier to the game, which can make things significantly more challenging for the XCOM team.

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“[Dark Events] run the gamut from something as small as improving Advent soldiers’ gear in the field to more dramatic gameplay changes such as deploying a UFO that will hunt the Avenger,” explain Firaxis on the XCOM 2 website.

“Advent can also negatively affect XCOM supply drops and, in a far more chilling Dark Event, hide extra Faceless amongst the populace of each mission. Rapid Response poses another massive threat to XCOM, guaranteeing Advent reinforcements will be deployed during all Guerrilla Ops missions. We’ve also heard reports of Advent employing Viper Rounds—poisonous ammunition made from Viper venom.”

As you can see, such changes are guaranteed to make battling both the alien invaders and the human Advent forces significantly more difficult. But being victim to a Dark Event doesn’t mean you’re cursed with a negative modifier forever. XCOM will be able to launch Guerilla Ops on Advent which can combat the effects of Dark Events. The further the XCOM team recapture ground from the occupying aliens though, the more Dark Events that will occur, so Guerilla Ops are certain to become a regular part of XCOM 2’s later game.

There are apparently plenty more effects Dark Events can have beyond those examples above, so we look forward to seeing how angry Advent can make us when we play XCOM 2 in February.

Thanks, PC Gamer.