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Get XCOM: UFO Defense and Constructor for free

X-COM: UFO Defense

There are currently two unrelated promotions going on in the land of PC gaming. In one, you can get a free game where you build things. In another, you get a game where you defend the Earth from invading aliens. 

Both free games are from the ‘90s, so why not check out our list of the best old games to see what else holds up well today. 

Over on Humble, you can currently grab XCOM: UFO Defense, the strategy classic from MicroProse that inspired the Firaxis games we see today.

You have until 10am PT on February 1, so be quick. Grab it on Humble here.

Meanwhile, GOG are offering Constructor, a city-building game where you have to sabotage the competition.

You have until 5am PT on February 1 for that one, so be even quicker. Nab that on GOG here.