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XCOM: Enemy Unknown recreated IRL


I know we can all be a little defensive about XCOM adaptations of any kind, and with good reason – but rest assured that this latest medium-shift will do nothing to reduce your post-Firaxis glow. It’s turn-based, terrain is destructible and – from what I can work out – movement is still conducted via grids. All of this despite its format’s considerable limitations. So, with no more ado (and nothing better to do), here’s XCOM IRL. You’re going to want to watch this one.

The costumes grant the whole affair a ‘60s Batman vibe, which is no bad thing. 2K Marin could do worse than channel Adam West for their struggling period shooter spin off.

Think of the language barrier as a non-German exclusive interactive element – can you work out which rule Soldat Eins falls foul of, for instance?

This is not an XCOM review. But it might explain the fan fervour that leads to this sort of laudable nonsense.