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Humble Bundle have an E3 Digital Ticket, with a lot of DLC and a few full games

Best PC games XCOM Enemy Unknown

In case you want to get a whole lot of general stuff for some free-to-play games, plus a few reasonably cheap full games, Humble Bundle have a special bundle to celebrate E3 over the next week.

Some of the DLC in this bundle might get you into some free-to-play games – we’ve got a list to help you find the best.

As always, there are three tiers of rewards for you to get depending on how much you want to pay – at the time of writing, those tiers are $1, about $5 (£3.90), and $15 (£11.76), although that middle tier changes price over time.

The vast majority of the bundle is DLC, so it’s not going to work for everyone, but with the number of them that add content to free-to-play games, it might be a good place to start on them. Some of the full games included in the bundle are Gemini: Heroes Reborn (a prequel to the Heroes Reborn TV series), XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition, and Verdun. It’s an eclectic mix, but there’s probably something for a game you enjoy in there.

There’s also some free stuff, if you’re alright with subscribing to Humble Bundle’s newsletter: a bunch of coupons, plus a couple of demos for Tower 57 and Silence, with a coupon for the latter in the Humble Store.

For the full list of games and DLC in the bundle, check out the official page. It’s just out for a week, until June 18, so you’ve not got a huge amount of time to nab it all.