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XCOM launch trailer makes internet gnash teeth for actual launch of XCOM


We’ve had the demo, we’ve had the previews, we’ve even had the choose your own adventure treatment, now the final pillar of the marketing fortress has toppled – the launch trailer – now we just need the tasty release date to coax XCOM out from its development cage.

Check out the trailer below.

Warning: Trailer contains mild peril.

In-engine cutscenes, perspectives that don’t appear in the actual game, character physicality that won’t feature in final release, yup, it’s a launch trailer alright. Thankfully, despite all those worries nibbling at the mind’speriphery, it is a little wonderful, isn’t it?

We only have to wait till 9 October to play it too. Though, to do so, we’ll have to tear ourselves away from Dishonored.