XCOM shooter re-reveal happening “in the coming days”, say 2K


Oh, hey. How you doing? Cool, listen. 2K called to ask if you guys could start over.

I don’t know exactly what happened between you two, and I’m sure you had your reasons, but my cell’s been blowing off the hook, you know? Do you think you guys could just talk?

I know you feel like they wasn’t everything they claimed to be, and like you got what you needed from that relationship elsewhere, from some other dude with a similar name (what’s with that?). But I think they’ve been on some self-improvement trip, or whatever. Maybe you oughta just hear them out.

Anyway. Here’s this letter. They wouldn’t get off the phone until I wrote it down, like, verbatim. Ver. Bah. Tim. Weird. They got plans to woo you, okay, so you gotta decide if you’re gonna hear them:

“The XCOM universe is expanding.

“In the coming days the world will get a fresh look at the long-awaited squad-based tactical shooter in development at 2K Marin. Announced back in 2010, the game has undergone an evolution since we last showed it to you at E3 2011. Firaxis’ critically acclaimed turn-based strategy title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has reignited the classic franchise and we feel that the time is right to deliver a new experience within the world of XCOM.

“The creative development of this game has been a collaborative process of discovery and iteration. 2K’s culture allows our studios the freedom to refine their visions, to explore new ideas, and to deliver the best possible experiences for players. Through this exploration, 2K Marin has refined their vision, and as a result the game has evolved into a high-stakes narrative experience imbued with core XCOM concepts.

“The wait is nearly over and we can’t wait to share more details with you about the game in only a matter of days.”

So, yeah. What do I tell ‘em?