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Webcomic fans are running an xkcd-inspired game jam


One of the internet’s greatest myths is the idea that there’s a relevant xkcd comic for any given situation. As to exactly how true that is I couldn’t say, but I have a comic bookmarked on my PC about sexual experimentation that I’m sure will come in handy one day.

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In order to celebrate the ever-enduring relevance of the webcomic series, and its spin-off, ‘What If?’ as well as the excellent mind of their creator, Randall Munroe, a fan has organised an xkcd game jam.

The rules of the jam are simple. Starting on Friday, November 17th, teams of up to four will have a weekend to create a free game based on their interpretation of a comic of their choice. Entries can be submitted until the morning of Monday, November 20th, and will then be judged by a panel of streamers and YouTubers based on factors ranging from the game’s overall success, to its interpretation of its chosen comic.

If you’re not familiar with xkcd, you can check out literally every single comic here, or the What If? Series here.

Top image: Flash Games, viaxkcd.