You can now get BioShock for free. Sorry Andrew Ryan.


Poor Andrew Ryan. First his North Atlantic escape from the political and religious strictures of post-war society goes to pot; now BioShock, the game that granted him his very existence, has abandoned the very principles of capitalism and the free market.

You can grab BioShock in return for no money over at GameFly. The giveaway is in celebration of their new desktop client, which you’ll need to install if you’re to download the game.

And why wouldn’t you? PC gamers are rightfully squeamish about scattering their buys among numerous distributor clients. But this is the Big Daddy of the contemporary immersive sim we’re talking about; the game that drilled a hole in the market for Dishonored to fall through. And crucially, there’s no money involved.

Sorry, Andy. In the name of continuing capitalism, why not give the latest trailer for Bioshock Infinite a watch or three during setup?

Thanks to The Verge.