You can watch four of Epic’s GDC presentations right now on YouTube

Unreal Engine 4 Kite demo

Everybody and her cat was at GDC in San Francisco last week. PCGamesN was definitely there. Bono was probably there, maybe. The President of the United States of America could feasibly have had attended if he’d wanted to. Yes, this year’s GDC was a veritable “who’s who” of the human race.

But if you are one of the three people who couldn’t attend, then boy are you in luck. Epic, who at GDC announced they’re making Unreal Engine 4 free to developers, have uploaded four of their GDC presentations to YouTube for your enjoyment.

Here they are.

Epic’s astonishing, real-time demo of a boy irresponsibly chasing a kite through 100 square miles of densely detailed mountainscapes and woodlands impressed the crowds at GDC. The first of their talks discusses what went into making his technical achievement possible.

After that you’ve got Epic’s founder and CEO Tim Sweeney discussing the State of the Engine and pondering not just UE4’s future but the future of game technology as a whole. This talk contains the aforementioned kite demo, alongside a host of other demonstrations of projects currently being worked on by UE4 developers.

In the third of these videos, developers have a chance to hurl question pies at Epic’s senior Unreal Engine developers. These used to be called Q&As, but now they’re called AMAs. Mad!

And finally, there’s a talk about bringing UE4 to mobile platforms and HTML5. If that’s something you feel particularly passionate about.

What a generous offering for those who wanted to follow the events of GDC from home.

You can find the full playlist of Epic’s GDC adventure on YouTube.