Your YouTube comments get shut down in… The Miller Retort

The Miller Retort

Many targets have taken the brunt of The Miller Rapport’s laser-focused video fist-flurries in the past few months. And you all got to have your say about each episode in the space below labelled ‘informed debate’. But opinions, famously, are like that certain part of one’s anatomy that one doesn’t mention in polite circles: everyone has them, and the vast majority aren’t worth sharing. Thusly, Miller hits back against the comments section in this latest Miller Rapport Retort, demonstrating once again the infallible logic behind his discoveries: Gears of War 4 is the best PC game ever made, MMOs should be played with a gamepad, and Watch Dogs 2 should have let you hack the postal service and mail Star Trek convention tickets to Star Wars fans. 

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Prepare to have your comments mashed into a teeny-tiny ball by Miller’s over-developed logic muscles, haters. It’s time for retribution. Vengeance. Payback. Cheap shots at presumably children. Whatever you want to call it.

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