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YouTube announces its gaming app, YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming

YouTube rose up, today, hands out stretched, grasping at and begging for a bigger slice of that delicious gaming pie. Presumably, Twitch has been hoarding it. 

The video people that live inside the internet have announced a new platform: YouTube Gaming, complete with dedicated channels for specific games and a new, moderated chat system.

The point of YouTube gaming, besides competing with Twitch, is to put gaming front and centre, instead of letting it get lost in a deluge of cat videos and clips of Miley Cyrus showing off her tongue.

Expect a mix of let’s plays, streams and other videos where games are being played in front of your very eyes as if by magic. Users will be able to subscribe to channels and games, and receive notifications when a stream is about to begin.

It will be available in website and app forms on PC, iOS and Android.

YouTube Gaming will launch this summer.