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Yu-Gi-Oh making it to Steam when Legacy of the Duelist releases this Fall

Legacy of the Duelist

Of all things, Konami are bringing Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist to PC. This info was buried in a presser for New York Comic Con plans surrounding the Japanese children’s card game / TV show, saying that a large update will accompany the game arriving on Steam. That DLC will be unveiled at NYCC.

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Legacy of the Duelist is a full digital version of the Yu-Gi-Oh game, along with campaign elements focused on the plotlines of its various anime since 2000. It’s currently $19.99 on the Xbox store, with DLC packs sold for $4.99. Presumably it will maintain that price on Steam. While I haven’t played this one, the handheld games have generally been good value, with a massive number of cards available, total deck customisation options and an accurate transfer of the rules engine from real life.

Other info on the PC version is a little thin on the ground. The full post is over on the Yu-Gi-Oh site. Here’s a trailer for the console version that launched last year:

In case you were wondering, the best series of Yu-Gi-Oh is Zexal and Zexal II. They are both legitimately funny and quite well written, with no small amount of self-awareness. I know these are the in-depth critical opinions you come to PCGamesN for and I’m happy to provide them.