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Free playable tech demo shows how Zelda: Ocarina of Time would look in Unreal 4

Zelda Unreal 4

Have you ever wondered what Zelda would look like if Nintendo decided to use modern third-party tools to develop it, namely Unreal 4? Well now you can find out in a flashy tech demo that’s playable for free. 

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Created by CryZENx, the tech demo lets you bound across Hyrule Field, rolling along as the grass parts beneath your weight. It’s pretty sparse, but Link’s moveset is intact and you can equip your sword and shield and whack a few monsters if you want.

Here’s a video of the Hyrule Field map in action:

If you head over to the creator’s Patreon page, there are videos and links to other maps, like one which shows offKakariko Village and the Song of Storms.

As for Hyrule Field, you can request a download link.

With this being a tech demo instead of a full release, it’s unclear whether Nintendo will react to it at all. It is a bit murky, since money is being made via Patreon and PayPal donations, but it’s not like they’re raking in thousands.