Zeno Clash II coming to Steam in 2013


If you hate birds enough to want to punch them in their stupid beaks until they stop squawking at you in their dumb bird language, rejoice! ACE Team’s grotesque, anthropomorphic bird-smacking simulator Zeno Clash is getting a sequel in early 2013. Here’s a minute-long announcement trailer to get you in the mood.

The video shows Father-Mother jumping from a window, clutching protagonist Ghat and companion Deadra in her/his arms as baddie Golem looks on menacingly. Cool! The original game was a first person adventure sporting some advanced melee mechanics, allowing you to grapple with all manner of odd creatures and critters across some bizarre anddreamlike environments.ACE Team are touting an open world this time around, which is fantastic news for anybody suitably enthralled by the previous game’s surrealist Dada-meets-Miyazaki art style.

“The world of Zenozoik comes alive like never before, an open world waiting to be explored, rendered with breathtaking splendor,” reads the trailer’s YouTube description. “As Ghat, players can fully and freely explore every natural and architectural wonder his world has to offer.
“In addition to most of the characters, enemies, and items from the first game — all of which return with dramatic visual enhancement — Ghat can also expect to encounter awe-inspiring new sights, jaw-dropping new creature designs, and wildly creative new weapons and items.”
Zeno Clash II is set for a Steam release in early 2013. There’s also a Zeno Clash II website.