Hearthstone review

World of Tanks 9.0 throws players back in time with a Historical Battles mode

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Blood in the cheeks: Warface lives

Warface ist jetzt Live! Or if you like, Warface is now live! For Crytek’s first free-to-play shooter is playable today in four languages across three new regions: North America, Europe and Turkey.

The menus and tooltips now come in English, French, German or Turkish, and all share the language of powerslides and shooting from the hip. Sign up on the official site to get started.

Warface starts up in-browser, after a lengthy plug-in download, and you can either play it there or launch a client. I had a few problems with Chrome in the closed beta a few months ago, but found Internet Explorer to be a safe bet.

I’d also recommend playing with the Engineer class to begin with - that way you can take in the lay of the maps, plant a claymore, and know the quiet satisfaction of exploding a competitor from half a mile away. See our Warface hands-on for more on that sort of thing.

The launch version includes daily challenges and the promise of “regular changes” in response to continuing player feedback. Probably best to start complaining about those female player models now, then.

I don’t know if any of you lot have displayed an active interest in Warface yet. Perhaps you’ll try it now, for free?

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Will you guys be doing a review? I can try it myself but I just reformatted my PC so it's nice and clean and I would rather not download something I'll dislike and uninstall so soon ( Iknow I'm really weird).

It looks really average from the videos.


Hearthstone review

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