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Bethesda’s Dishonored forums are, for the most part, composed entirely from posts of celebration, loss (“No map? Is this a joke?”), and minor spoilers, but the odd fatal technical hiccup is beginning to crop up here and there. One major issue seems to stem from an ATI graphics card, causing the game to stop responding and display a voluminous error stream before promptly crashing to desktop.

Bethesda support has thus far suggested having the game installed on the C: drive, checking the game’s cache integrity, and reverting to an earlier version of ATI’s Catalyst drivers.

Beyond that, it should still be possible to run the game in windowed mode without a hitch by right-clicking on Dishonored in Steam, selecting ‘set launch options’ via Properties, and adding ‘-windowed’. It’s no fix, but at present it’s the only workaround available - though the development team are reportedly checking the forums and will be “aware” of the problem.

Another issue - unresolved as yet - apparently sees the game crash to desktop when exiting Dr Galvani’s office in the Golden Cat mission, and less frequently upon entering the Golden Cat or Distillery district.

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