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In the early hours of Sunday morning, CCP realised something was up with their Tranquility cluster - the bank of servers that powers both Eve and its sister shooter, Dust 514. What they discovered was a sustained DDoS attack. Approximately an hour later, a taskforce of internal and external experts concluded that the best thing to do was pull the game offline.

The developers initially reopened both Eve and Dust, but have since taken Tranquility and its associated websites back down for “further investigation and an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure”.

“An extended service interruption of several hours is expected as this process should not be rushed,” warned CCP on their Facebook page.

That was 14 hours ago. More recently, the developers have suggested that they’re nearing the end of this “very time intensive process”.

“Our engineers are close to resolving the issues on Tranquility,” they tweeted this morning. “We aim to have have our servers live as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your continued patience.”

If you’re an Eve player, let us know what you’ve been doing with your enforced holiday from the game.

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