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EVE Online collector’s edition comes with CCP’s rare first game: Hættuspil

To celebrate 10 years of EVE, CCP are selling a collector’s edition of the game. You might wonder why you’d want such a thing - it’s a digital game, after all, with all the potential buyers likely already in possession of at least one account - but then you see what the box contains: another game. 

Yes, CCP have finally issued a new run of their board game Hættuspil. The thing’s taken on a near-mythic quality among EVE players because it’s only available in Icelandic, in Iceland, and because the cover features Reykjavik’s mayor dressed in drag.

CCP developed Hættuspil back in the 90s as a way to raise funds to develop EVE. Since then it’s not been reprinted nor translated, so if you wanted a part of CCP’s history you had learn Icelandic and make a somewhat sizable investment. For the collector’s edition of EVE, CCP have translated Hættuspil and reworked all the game’s artwork replacing the photos of models with members of the CCP team. They even got Reykjavik’s mayor, Jon Gnarr, to come back and reshoot the iconic image of himself in drag for the cover.

There’s a ton of other things being bundled with the game. You can check them out here in a digestible bullet point form:

  • Golden pod - so now you can die in style
  • Bloodlines costumes
  • Blueprint for a special battlecruiser
  • An Amarr Frigate
  • Amarr templar drop suits - these are permanent items so you don’t need to worry about losing them in battle
  • Three unique amarr weapons
  • 10 year anniversary performance CD (not the only way this will be able to be bought)
  • A Rifter model which doubles as a USB hub (sockets hidden in the thrusters)
  • Into the Second Decade book, written by Richie Shoemaker
  • Copy of a newly translated English version of Hættuspil - all the devs stand in for the game’s art
  • Mystery code - unique code which will apply to things released over the next decade

The collector’s edition should be available to buy in the store now - though it’s only just been announced, so it may be a wee while till the page is updated. When it does appear, you’ll see that it’s on sale for $149.99. So this may not be the cheapest way to get Hættuspil.

If you pre-order the collector’s edition you also got a unique item for EVE and DUST. For EVE you get a destroyer which sounded like it was called a Nefnatar Thrasher(?!?), and for DUST you get something called an Amarr uplink.

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I feel bad for you guys You work day and night and nobody bothers to comment on your posts. Me included. You do so much for us yet, what do we do? We do nothing. I love you guys and I want to make sure you know that.

Htorne's picture

I allready have bought the game 4 times, to get all the boxes. Been playing since 2003, they really know how to take my money. 

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Yea but we do read it. And im pretty sure they mesure that in some way. 

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