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Sitting down to answer questions from players, Torn Banner’s president and lead game designer, Steve Piggott, revealed that mod tools are to be the studio’s next big addition to the game. He wouldn’t give a firm release date, though, saying only that it wouldn’t be “too long” till they’re available.

Piggott also said that they’d been a victim of their own success. That, as a result of the better than predicted sales, they’ve managed to turn Torn Banner from a virtual studio, with team members working from home all over the world, into a physical studio, with a central office and everything. Lucky folk: physical offices mean that you can have communal biscuits. Nothing makes the 9 - 5 more bearable than communal biscuits.

The video answers questions about all aspects of the game, not just the mod tools. Though what the mod tools will allow is for players to be able to make their own levels and then use the integrated Steam workshop support to share, rate, and collate them. Separate to the SDK, however, Piggott was able to put a more definite time frame on when the server browser would be fixed. Chivalry's browser was a little buggy at times but also wasn't the most effective piece of kit. Piggott reveals that the browser is being fixed in the next patch to be released, which should be out even as we speak.

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