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Joe Danger

Joe Danger shifts into Linux and Mac gears

Joe Danger has smashed its way onto PC; read our Joe Danger review.

If you want to put a big, beaming smile on that face of yours, you need to play Joe Danger. What did you say? You game exclusivley on a Linux machine now Steam started supporting the penguin-fronted OS, and your back-up is a MacBook? Well that’s no excuse, not now Joe Danger and sequel Joe Danger 2 are coming to Mac and Linux. 

Joe Danger has been available on Windows PCs since June, but soon the two games will be available on the two lesser-used operating systems. Developer Hello Games notes that Linux is especially important to them as it means that Joe Danger is now ready for SteamOS when it and Steam Machines start rolling out in the future. 

The versions of Joe Danger hitting the new platforms are, naturally, the existing PC versions, with all their enhanced graphical glory and Steam Workshop support. The sequel also includes a special Minecraft-themed enviroment in which you can build levels using blocks. 

Hello Games promisies that Mac and Linux users will be able to jump behind the handlebars of Joe Danger ‘real soon’. Which sounds pretty pre-Christmas to us, so keep your fingers crossed for Christmas morning madness. 

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